Unclouded Heart Herbal Extract Blend 1oz. Tincture

Unclouded Heart Herbal Extract Blend 1oz. Tincture


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“The Heart has its reasons, which Reason knows nothing of…We know the Truth not only by the Reason, but by the Heart.” – Blaise Pascal

Nourish the heart, physically and metaphysically. An exceptional tonic for the heart and cardiovascular system, supporting heart health and blood pressure balance. It is also a support system for the heart chakra. Hawthorn and roses are excellent plant allies in grief and heartbreak. They are food for the emotional center, assisting in opening oneself to love, from others and from Self.

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Ingredients: Organic red rose petals, organic rose hips, organic hawthorn leaves, flowers and berries, raw organic wildflower honey, brandy.

Dosing:  1-2 dropperful daily. Shake before using!

1oz. amber glass bottle with a dropper top

ROSE PETALS // rosa centifolia // analgesic, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, nervine, astringent // roses are often used to heal and open the energetic heart chakra and to remedy a lack of self-love, vulnerability, broken hearts, and grief.

ROSE HIPS // Rose canina // very high levels of bioavailable vitamin c as well as a gapped source of folate, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. excellent for the circulatory and immune systems.

HAWTHORN // Crataegus spp. // anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardiotonic, hypolipidemic, hypotensive, cardiac trophorestorative, nervine, vasodilator, astringent // believed to increase the strength of heart muscle contractions, as well as helping to modestly reduce serum cholesterol levels and plaque deposits in the arteries. appears to improve the mechanics of the heart and its metabolic processes, dilate coronary arteries, and inhibit enzymes that cause vasoconstriction. calming nervine and is used much like rose, and often with rose, to heal, open, and protect the energetic heart


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