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Sip your way through the most legendary cocktails from the worlds of science fiction, fantasy, and more, with over 70 recipes of the most delicious and nerdiest drinks as realistically imagined by Cassandra Reeder aka The Geeky Chef. Whether you binge sci-fi TV shows, rewatch cult films, get addicted to MMORPGs, or read all the fantasy book seriesThe GeekyBartender Drinks has your fictional beverage fantasies covered.

For super fans of every variety, this leveled-up cocktail book will soon have you unlocking achievements behind the bar, no matter if you’re mixing drinks for yourself, a friend, or even a viewing party. And for all you nondrinkers, don’t fret: this book has a nonalcoholic chapter along with plenty of imaginative tricks for making drinks alcohol-free. So, if you love Game of Thrones, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Star Wars, or any other inspiring work of nerd content, get ready to restore your mana.

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Cassandra Reeder is an author, avid home cook, and lifetime geek. The first fictional food recipe she made was Tree Star Cookies inspired by The Land Before Time at age six. Her love for cooking and all things geeky led to the creation of The goal of Geeky Chef books and blog is to help the geek community bring their food fantasies to reality, making recipes for fictional foods from every fandom.

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