The Copperhead Pot Still

The Copperhead Pot Still


The Copperhead is our signature, luxury copper handcrafted pot still.
This setup is ideally used when manufacturing brown spirits such as whisky, brandy and rum.

The Copperhead is available in 6, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 gallon sizes with choice of accessories.

All of our systems are interchangeable. You can convert your still into both reflux or pot still with the purchase of proper accessories.

Custom options are also available. Email our craftsman with questions.



• 6-40 gallon pots come complete with a 4” tri clamp opening on top for easy cleaning and set up, temperature gauge installed in the pot, 4”-2” copper reducer

• Copper head diamond top with a 2” tri clamp ferrule connection to the pot and a temperature gauge, 1” copper union connection for line arm

• 1” copper line arm with 1” copper unions to connect to the pot and the condenser • Liebig condenser with 1” copper union connections to the line arm

• The condenser has standard hose connections for quick easy set up and operation

• Additional ports, accessories and upgrades are available by request only for an additional charge depending on sizes and quantities. Upgrades include extra ports for heating elements, sight glasses, pressure/vacuum relief, thumpers, gin baskets and special custom requests • Pot stills 20 gallons and up come with shotgun condensers and can be swapped for a traditional worm condenser

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The Copperhead – Pot Still – 6 Gallon, The Copperhead – Pot Still – 10 Gallon, The Copperhead – Pot Still – 15 Gallon, The Copperhead – Pot Still – 20 Gallon, The Copperhead – Pot Still – 30 Gallon, The Copperhead – Pot Still – 40 Gallon


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