The Channel Energetic Essence Blend 1oz. Tincture

The Channel Energetic Essence Blend 1oz. Tincture


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Opens and strengthens the lines of communication with the Spirit world while providing protection from negative forces.

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Take 11 drops upon the tongue daily & prior to ritual.

1oz frosted clear glass bottle with black dropper top

Celandine // helps to break down mental blocks and enhance communication/information transfer between two parties, helps to receive clearer messages from spiritual guides, strengthens the lucidity of dreams, dissolves inner barriers

Angelica // assists with breaking through the veil to create a connection with the Spirit world while still keeping one grounded with the Earth, promotes insight and clarity to help one understand the guidance they receive

Ghost Pipe // for tapping into the Otherworld and the places between worlds, a guide in our desire to connect, aids in the collection and processing of new information and helps bring order to the chaos

Apophyllite // enhances intuition, helps to connect one to their spirit guides, boosts psychic ability

Black Tourmaline // grounding, calming, dispels negative energies, provides protection during ritual work

Hematite // promotes focus, dispels negativity, mental and emotional protective armor

Selenite // protection from and within the Spirit realm, dispels negativity, cleanses space and aura, creates a shield against outside influence, removes energy blocks, boosts spiritual work

Preserved with Herbsaint, a New Orleanian absinthe substitute. It is an anise-flavored liquor – anise has been used traditionally to entice spirits to be of assistance in magickal endeavors while providing protection against negative intentions


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