Small Sunny Spirit Doll

Small Sunny Spirit Doll


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A spirit doll is an ancient being, familiar to and loved by many cultures around the world.  Life and love are woven into these dolls, creating not only a mirror through which you might see a powerful part of  yourself that you haven’t yet explored, but also a bridge back to your ancestors.  These dolls will assist you in becoming more aware of your own majickal, beautiful, and creative spirit.

Each is adorned with a different color to aid with specific needs:

  • Yellow – Success, confidence
  • Green – Prosperity, wealth
  • Red – Power, lust, romantic love
  • Purple – Spirituality, wisdom
  • Blue – Love, peace
  • Pink – Love, compassion, self-healing

Spirit dolls have a magickal way of seeking out the person with whom they belong–just take a minute to listen!

Out of stock


Leigh Anne’s Creations

Spirit dolls, mojo dolls, totems, and other majickal creatures handcrafted locally using hand-dyed wool, clay, vintage jewelry, and Lake Erie driftwood.


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