This gorgeous, custom handcrafted copper still could be yours for a minimum entry of $20 for 1 entry, $50 for 3 entries, or $100 for 10 entries. All of our copper stills are handcrafted 100% from scratch by our master craftsman & owner, Mike Miles.

Inspired by Spirits Distilling Co. is celebrating one year of our time-inspired retail shop, Dr. Tumblety’s. We are excited to move into the next phase of our business – handcrafting our custom luxury copper stills, right here in Pittsburgh, PA.

We welcome all to purchase an entry ticket, or a few entry tickets, and this top notch piece of equipment could be yours for home use. We are also including a custom built equipment table and one of our favorite books, The Art of Distilling, to help you get started, or to add to your knowledge, for the seasoned folks.

We will be drawing and announcing the winner on Halloween. October 31st on a live stream. Thank you all for staying Inspired by Spirits with us on this exciting and curious journey.