Martha Ballards Migraine Tea (1735-1812) – by LBCC Historical

Martha Ballards Migraine Tea (1735-1812) – by LBCC Historical


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Martha Ballard was a midwife born in 1735. The recipe for Maratha Ballard’s Migraine Tea was found in her diary.

Martha Ballard’s Migraine Tea will calm and relax you while working to take your headaches away the natural way.

NOT for expectant mothers because of the feverfew, which was, Martha Ballard’s main ingredient- but is amazing for headaches.

For best results, combine with Martha Ballard’s Migraine Balm.

Materials: Ginger, Feverfew, Chamomile, Rosemary, Peppermint

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LBCC Historical specializes in researching and reproducing historical Apothecary & Cosmetics products. Recipes are extracted from the historical archives and were used by our ancestors. Ingredients are 100% top quality, natural, and almost always organic.


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