Mama Bridgitte Doll – 8” – by VooDoo Authentica, New Orleans, LA


Only 2 left in stock

Lwa (Haitian Vodou Spirit) Mama Brigitte is the Queen of the Spirit World, the female counterpart to Baron Samedi, the Master of the Cemeteries.  We call upon Mama Brigitte to clear our path of negativity and evil, to help our memory and to bring us the protection and wisdom of our Ancestors and Spirit Guides. These dolls, made in Her honor, may be used as altar pieces and/or focusing tools to invite Mama Brigitte’s positive influences into your life.

Only 2 left in stock


Voodoo Authentica™ of New Orleans Cultural Center & Collection is a practitioner-owned and operated establishment, founded in 1996. Located on the quiet and picturesque rue Dumaine, in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans.

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