Lucky Mojo Wish bean – by VooDoo Authentica, New Orleans, LA


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Mojo Wish Beans are associated with the Spirit Realm, and are traditional offerings to Ancestors & Spirits. Carry this wish bean on your person 7 days, focusing on one wish, as an aid in manifesting a specific desire.  On the 7th day, throw the bean into a crossroads or into a body of moving water.  Walk, away, don’t look back, and enjoy the spoils.

Some also choose to hang onto these wish beans as talismans (pocket, purse, or wallet) to attract abundance, prosperity, money, wealth, & general good fortune.


In stock


Time-tested folk recipes formulated to attune you to Spirit energy in accordance to the tradition of New Orleans Voodoo. Items may be used individually to assist you with attracting the positive influences of the Orisha. Be encouraged to use them together to create your own rituals which indulge the body, enrich the Spirit, and quiet the mind.

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