In Full Bloom Intention Oil 10ml


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In Full Bloom is a blend of oils infused with lilac, mock orange, crabapple blossoms, wild rose and peonies and scented with of essential oils and absolutes featuring jasmine, ylang ylang, violet, helicrysum, melissa and blood orange. This flower magick focuses on empowerment, spiritual growth, and positive self-image in an effort to assist you on your journey to bloom to your greatest potential.

2 in stock


Ingredients: Organic first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, organic non-gmo sunflower oil, lilac blossoms*, mock orange blossoms*, crabapple blossoms*, wild rose petals* and peonies petals*, essential oils of ylang ylang, violet, helicrysum, melissa and blood orange, jasmine absolute.

Directions: Shake well then apply to temples and pressure/pulse point such as the back of the neck or wrists, with intention.

10ml amber glass with glass ball roller.

*garden growth without the use of chemicals or pesticides.


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