Holiday Cocktails


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Dozens of foolproof ideas for successful entertaining at home, including the basics of cocktail making, choosing the right drink for the right occasion, and serving cocktails for a crowd.

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Holiday Cocktails is the newest addition to the Artisanal Kitchen series, adapted from Raising the Bar (Artisan, 2004) by master mixologist Nick Mautone. Holiday Cocktails provides dozens of foolproof ideas for successful at-home cocktail entertainment.  You’ll learn cocktail basics, ideas for serving a crowd, and how to choose the right cocktail for an occasion.  Included are easy-to-follow recipes for seasonal favorites (from nogs to grogs!) as well as classics with a twist that work year-round; Old fashioneds, martinis, coffee cocktails and non-alcoholic mixtures alike, this is the perfect book to pull off the shelf year after year when you want to make any occasion a little more festive.

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