Hold Bob – Bobby Pins – by LBCC Historical

Hold Bob – Bobby Pins – by LBCC Historical




Retro Style, Finger Waves, Hair Setting Lotion, Stocking Stuffer, Vintage Gift, Pin Up Girl, Retro Girl


15 Deluxe Smooth Round Point “Hold-Bobs”
Color: Black or Blonde
1920-1930 Stock Card

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I have been working on this project for a while and I’m so excited to finally be able to offer them in the shop. This original card holds 15 top of the notch vintage inspired bobbie pins with “smooth points” as the card calls it. These unlike the very old 1920’s ones won’t catch on your hair. These come in 2 colors blond or black. You will need these for your vintage hairstyle to hold the waves and pin curls in. Plus this will look darling on your vanity or dresser or even when you pull them out of your purse.

These were made using an original vintage card from our collection. I chose this one because obviously the artwork is amazing- but also I love the write up on the back which talks about Universal Pictures!

And YES They are calling them HOLD-BOBS instead of bobby pins. 🙂

“Universal Pictures wants new talent. Hold-Bob bob pins have combined forces with Universal Pictures, motion picture and screenplay to bring ” The Talent Scout Truck” to your locality…Screen tests will be given to all who show screen possibilities…. Are you the person Universal is looking for? Ask your local HOLD- BOB retailer for full information……….”

“HOLD-BOB’S eliminate all risk of any untidy coiffure because they have: small, round, invisible heads, smooth, round, non-scratching points and flexible, tapered legs, one side crimped. And HOLD- BOB’S coming colors to match your hair.”

Picture this on your vanity or in your purse. These are the perfect final touch to any vintage look. Think about stocking stuffers too! These are a MUST HAVE!

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Hold Bob – Bobby Pins – by LBCC Historical – Black, Hold Bob – Bobby Pins – by LBCC Historical – Blonde


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