Haunted Route 22 (Autographed by Author)


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Pennsylvania’s Haunted Route 22 is a comprehensive road trip along the William Penn Highway, beginning at Point State Park in Pittsburgh and ending at haunted watering holes at the Pennsylvania-New Jersey line.

What happens when someone builds over a graveyard? How did John Gottleib Ernestus Heckwelder settle a dispute between his townsfolk and a ghost on the banks of the Lehigh River? Why does America’s first super model still roam her mansion in the mountains? Where can you drink side-by-side with a mobster who just happened to be rubbed out at that very bar? Who was Pennsylvania’s first serial killer and where do his victims roam to this day? What book store has the invisible clerk who anticipates customers’ selections? What about that Lady in White? Is she everywhere?

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Ed Kelemen is a retired Allegheny County Officer where he was one of the founders of the Bomb Squad. Nowadays he is an author, playwright, and columnist who spends an inordinate amount of time with the Pennsylvania Investigators of Paranormal Phenomena (P.I.P.P.) as both a technician and a paranormal investigator. During the course of writing his Haunted Pennsylvania Collection consisting of five books, he has been involved in over 300 paranormal investigations.

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