Guilt Trip


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By taking a solo backpacking trip along the Appalachian Trail, Jacob Allen decided it was time to get his life back together after suffering years of needless guilt. He believed the fresh mountain air, rugged country and time away from his hectic everyday life would help him clear his mind and rejuvenate his soul after the tragic loss of his family. What he encounters along the way just might change the way you choose to look at life…and death. GUILT TRIP takes you on an adventure from busy city life to the outer reaches and boundaries of wilderness backpacking country through one of the most beautiful places in America, the Appalachian Mountains. Experience every heart-pounding moment while traveling alongside Jacob, every life-threatening encounter with nature and…the unbelievable reality of the spirit and paranormal world. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry…and you might come away with a different view of one of life’s mysteries. Take a walk with Jacob into the unknown…you just may discover your very own Guilt Trip.

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Jimmy Trick is a certified paranormal investigator and founded Goosebumps Paranormal Society in Pittsburgh, PA.

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