Gris Gris Bag for Power & Confidence – by VooDoo Authentica, New Orleans, LA


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These Gris-Gris bags combine the Spiritual powers of colors, herbs, and our Blessed Potion Oils. Authentic New Orleans Practitioners bless them for the purpose of helping you to harness and utilize power & self-confidence.

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Only 1 left in stock


In New Orleans, we use Gris Gris Bags to assist us in drawing a variety of positive influences into our lives. These Gris Gris Bags are handmade and blessed at Voodoo Authentica™ French Quarter shop by caring and experienced Practitioners.  Voodoo Authentica™ uses the finest roots, herbs, oils, and other powerful ingredients to create these traditional New Orleans prayer charms.

Voodoo Authentica™ of New Orleans Cultural Center & Collection is a practitioner-owned and operated establishment, founded in 1996. Located on the quiet and picturesque rue Dumaine, in the historic French Quarter of New Orleans.

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