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Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails & Tonics boasts a collection of 75 recipes for cannabis-inspired cocktails and drinks.  Cocktail Whisperer Warren Bobrow offers instructions for de-carbing cannabis in order to release its full psychoactive effect, as well as ideas about how to put it to good use.

Start your day with coffee, tea, and milk-based cannabis beverages for healing and relaxation. Get your afternoon pick-me-up with gut healing shrubs and mood enhancing syrups. Make cooling lemonades and sparking herbal infusions to soothe the fevered brow. Then, have an after dinner herbal-based cannabis drink for relaxation at the end of a good meal. The options are endless with Cannabis Cocktails, Mocktails, and Tonics!

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Warren Bobrow is the creator of the popular blog and the author of Cannabis Cocktails, Apothecary Cocktails, Whiskey Cocktails and Bitters & Shrub Syrup Cocktails. He has taught classes on spirits and cocktails all over the world, and has written hundreds of articles on cocktails and food for Chilled Magazine, Saveur, Whole Foods/Dark Rye, Total Food Service, Eater, Voda, Serious Eats, Foodista, Distiller, Sip and Beverage Media as well as many other international outlets.

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