Banish & Cleanse Purification Spray 2oz.


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This delightfully purple room purification spray features multiple varieties of garden grown sage and wildcrafted mugwort as well as basil, rosemary, fir, frankincense, and benzoin.  It is intended to energetically cleanse a space, ritual tools and Self while inviting in positive energies and warding against negative forces.  Drive away chaos and leave the slate clean.  Perfect for prepping a space prior to meditation or ritual, to clear out a new home of old funk, or prepare for the changing of seasons.

Out of stock


Packaged in a 2 oz frosted glass bottle with spray mister top. Each bottle contains one small clear quartz point to amplify intent.

INGREDIENTS: witch hazel, distilled water, alcohol, tricolor sage, silver sage, common sage, mugwort, basil, rosemary, butterfly pea flowers, essential oils of sage, basil, benzoin, frankincense, mugwort, rosemary, fir needle, clear quartz

DIRECTIONS: Shake well, then spray with intention to cleanse and clear.



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