Alfina Spirit Doll

Alfina Spirit Doll


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A spirit doll is an ancient being, familiar to and loved by many cultures around the world.  Life and love are woven into these dolls, creating not only a mirror through which you might see a powerful part of  yourself that you haven’t yet explored, but also a bridge back to your ancestors.  These dolls will assist you in becoming more aware of your own majickal, beautiful, and creative spirit.

Each is adorned with a different color to aid with specific needs:

  • Yellow – Success, confidence
  • Green – Prosperity, wealth
  • Red – Power, lust, romantic love
  • Purple – Spirituality, wisdom
  • Blue – Love, peace
  • Pink – Love, compassion, self-healing

Each unique doll knows where it belongs, and will let you know if you are the spirit they are searching for.  Let your emotions call you to the one that belongs to you!

Out of stock


Leigh Anne’s Creations

Spirit dolls, mojo dolls, totems, and other majickal creatures handcrafted locally using hand-dyed wool, clay, vintage jewelry, and Lake Erie driftwood.


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