Rose Cold Cream – 1901 Victorian Recipe – by LBCC Historical


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This original recipe from 1901 reflects the en vogue fashion of the Victorian Era; Victorian women strove for healthy, smooth skin with a porcelain glow and healthy pink cheeks. The popular cosmetics were found in natural colors, nudes, and soft shades with a lot of skincare products like cold cream.

This cold cream can be used daily for cleansing, moisturizing, and softening the skin. Rose water is an added bonus as a natural cleanser, toner, and attractive scent.

Materials: Glycerine, Almond Oil, Love, History, Organic Beeswax, Bulgarian Rose Oil

Out of stock


LBCC Historical specializes in researching and reproducing historical Apothecary & Cosmetics products. Recipes are extracted from the historical archives and were used by our ancestors. Ingredients are 100% top quality, natural, and almost always organic.

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