Lady Guinevere Perfume (1893) – by LBCC Historical

Lady Guinevere Perfume (1893) – by LBCC Historical


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Different types of semi-solid perfumed products have existed in various forms throughout history. The late-19th century ushered in a perfumery movement which introduced many synthetic scents and products.  This is an original solid perfume recipe from 1893, utilizing paraffin wax instead of the more traditional beeswax.

Use a finger and apply to the skin at the pulse points.

Materials: Soy Paraffin Wax, Gum Of Benjamin, Vanillin Oil, Organic Bergamot Oil, Organic Rose Geranium Oil, Clove Oil, Bulgarian Lavender Oil, Vegetable Glycerin

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LBCC Historical specializes in researching and reproducing historical Apothecary & Cosmetics products. Recipes are extracted from the historical archives and were used by our ancestors. Ingredients are 100% top quality, natural, and almost always organic.


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